Takahiro Hara

Takahiro Hara

Takahiro Hara is a self-taught Japanese photographer living in Lithuania where he practices Lith print photography and creates beautiful portraits.
From: Japan. Lives: Vilnius, Lithuania.
Shows: Lith prints.

Takahiro Hara was born in 1975 in Japan. He grew up in a small town in Brazil, and now he lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Takahiro Hara started to teach himself photography, and he has been using lith printing process since 2003. His enthusiasm for lith printing comes from the reason that this method captures a tone of circumstance which expresses piles of time. Also, he is attached to a long process of lith printing to ripen one picture, which also matures his love silently for the picture in a dark room.

Takahiro Hara focus is making a specific worldview by means of letting his subjects recall the relationship between thought and object. He lets his work evolves as a collaboration with his subjects.

Takahiro Hara released a family portrait series ‘Photo Studio Four Seasons’, which expressed history and bonds of each family. Also, he released ‘UNIVERSE’, and expressed a primitive source of human beings, which was mixed together energy and memory from generation to generation.

“The lens of the camera connects me to my subjects by letting the light in each one illuminate my life while reflecting itself onto the surface of the film.”

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