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Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum) anthotype by Cecília Cartaxo

“To live for the hope of it all” by Cecília Cartaxo
Country: Brazil
Parts used: Red part of pepper. I took the white parts, the calyx (green part) and the seeds out of the pepper.
Application: Sponge
Exposure time: 10 hours
Month, season and year: August, winter, 2022
Substrate: Watercolour paper 300 g
Contrast of final print: *** (High) (Very Good)

Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum) anthotype by Cecília CartaxoRed Pepper (Capsicum annuum) for making anthotypesAmount: A half of a red pepper
Extracted using: Blender
Thinner: red pepper’s own water
Layers: 4 layers
Used to create image: Laser printed OHP positive

Challenges or observations:
I put the red part of the pepper in the blender, then I strained the emulsion 4x so it could get very clean.

Additional information:
I found the power of the red pepper thanks to an incredible Brazilian anthotype researcher: Aurora Narmada Sugasti. She did a big research project on different kinds of plants found in Brazil that can be used in anthotype. The red pepper was one of them.

Instagram: @cecicartaxo

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