Peter Wiklund

Peter Wiklund is a Swedish pinhole artist and the co-author of From Pinhole to Print, take a look at his pinholes.
From: Stockholm, Sweden.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Photopolymer gravures, Pinholes, Polaroid SX-70s, Solargraphs.

Peter started with photography in the mid 80’s, and have ever since experimented with a lot of techniques and cameras. Nowadays, he mainly uses different plastic and pinhole cameras. He thinks these tools add a moment of chance into his photography, something that is very important to him:

“There are lots of beautiful mistakes that can happen, and they do happen, on and off.”

He has some ongoing series of self portraits and is also interested in sculpture and nature as a timeless subject, with some favourite spots like a burnt forest close to Stockholm and the limestone rock formations on the Swedish island Gotland.

Peter has used alternative techniques like cyanotype and photopolymer gravure, in order to enhance the expression even further.

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