Nóra Fanni Zentay

Nóra Fanni Zentay Hungarian photographer
Nóra Fanni Zentay is a visual artist and researcher from Hungary working in Cyanotypes, Vandykes, Chemigrams, Lumens, Chemilumens.
From: Érd, Hungary.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Vandykes, Chemigrams, Lumens, Chemilumens.

Nóra Fanni Zentay is a Hungarian visual artist and researcher. She earned an MA in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire (IDI), UK and completed the Doctoral Programme in Film, Media and Contemporary Culture at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. Currently she is an external lecturer and researcher as a PhD candidate.

During her postgraduate studies Nóra Fanni Zentay has developed an intermedial and hybrid art practice through analog printmaking that includes both traditional graphic printmaking as well as alternative photographic printing processes. Nóra is interested in experimental and unconventional approaches and is looking for the “border zones” between different media.

“As a visual artist, I like to think of alternative photographic processes as a form of hybrid visual expression. When I create a photogram with cyanotype, vandyke or lumen process, I actually try to paint with lights and shadows. When I create a chemigram, I try to draw and paint with chemicals and resists directly onto a photographic paper. For me this is an endless and magical passage through two different media.”

More about Nóra Fanni Zentay:

  • Contact email: zentayartdesign (at) gmail.com
  • Website
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