Worldwide pinhole day April 25, 2021

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, as every year the last Sunday in April, and we both discounts, learning, and fun lined up for those pinheads of you that are into pinholing and making beautiful pinholes. Enjoy 🙂

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day official site

World Pinhole Photography DayFirst of all, the official Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day site is the place where you share your images.


Offer – only Sunday 25th of April – from our friends at Bonfoton

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day offer from BonfotonGet 30% off the Camera Obscura products. But, be quick, only today!
For those of you who happen to miss this day, you can get a 20% discount code when you sign up for Supporting Membership at


Can you figure out this rebus?

Know the answer to this? Comment on the Rebus post.

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