Noelle Rasmussen

Noelle Rasmussen, a film photography artist who has taught darkroom photography shares her work in Anthotypes, Chlorophylls, Cyanotypes and Lumens.
From: Hickory, North Carolina, USA.
Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophylls, Cyanotypes and Lumens.

Noelle Rasmussen lives within easy reach of the Blue Ridge Mountains since moving from Regensburg, Germany in 1999. She earned her BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado and her MA in Liberal Studies (focusing in photography) at Lenoir-Rhyne University. In the past few years she has applied her energy to becoming a professional artist with a specialty in film photography. She has taught darkroom procedures for 4 years at Lenoir-Rhyne University as part of a combined digital and film class. She is the Visual Arts Assistant at Lenoir-Rhyne. She loves to share darkroom processes with others as it is a foundational way of creating.

“For me it’s about process. I love combining ideas and processes and figuring out how to achieve the story I want to share.”

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