Chelin Miller

Chelin Miller, a South American artist living in both Latin America and the United Kingdom is inspired by different cultural influences around the world to create her work.
From: Bogota, Colombia, South America
Shows: Argyrotype, Cyanotypes, Pinholes, Platinum and Palladium, Van Dykes.

Chelin is a visual artist specialising in documentary photography and filmmaking, with focus on historical alternative processes. She is currently researching historical printing methods and hybrid modern technologies applied to transient traditions and the effects of globalisation.

Based in Latin America and the United Kingdom, Chelin Miller is webmaster, editor and consultant for various companies and societies. Chelin has a background in languages and International relations and has spent over 20 years living in different places around the world. This peripatetic life, travelling and living amongst different cultures, has been a blessing: it opened her eyes to other traditions, religions and customs.

Chelin’s love for writing, story-telling and a rediscovered passion for photography paved the way for commissions from various publications, NGOs and associations in Asia, UK and South America.

“Suspended in an eternal present.”

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