Kåre Bondeson

Kåre Bondeson is a virologist in Sweden who also teaches workshops at Uppsala Photographic Society and prints in cyanotype and photopolymer.
From: Uppsala, Sweden.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Photopolymer gravures.

Kåre was introduced to Black & White photography as a teenager, but after his introduction, his exploration of photography halted for over 20 years.

Finding his way back to photography in 2003 he started to work on his silver gelatin printing skills. After a gum printing course at Uppsala Photographic Society, his perspectives shifted to a pursuit of subjectivity in his work. He soon found himself exploring many different cameras and various alternative photographic processes.

Besides his artistic work he teaches cyanotype and silver gelatin printing at Uppsala Photograpic Society and work as a clinical virologist in Uppsala, Sweden.


  • Email: bondeson.kare (at) gmail.com
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