Chris Byrnes

Chris Byrnes is an Australian photographer. She loves printmaking and shows her cyanotypes, pinholes and vandykes.
From: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Shows: Cyanotypes, Pinholes, Vandykes

Chris Byrnes is an Australian artist working in analogue, alternative and experimental processes and mixed-media works. Her main format is pinhole photography using film and paper negatives. Experimental processes include black and white ‘wet’ photography, cyanotype, vandyke, salt printing and mixed combinations.

Chris is completing a Master Fine Art Photography Programme at the National Art School in Sydney Australia where she is investigating abstract photography and how the viewer attaches meaning to the photograph. Chris writes an exhibition blog for the Newcastle Art Space Gallery (an artist run initiative).

Chris lives and works in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

“I am fascinated and obsessed with images that are made through a primal experience of making and one that engages with only sufficient technology to make the image. It must be a hand-made experience and one born out of my love of non-ocular photography, the darkroom experience and the wonder of our external light. While I remove technology through such steps as removing the lens, I am however, at the same time, engaging with the most powerful technology on earth, and that is the power and energy of universal light.

Without light we cannot exist.
Without light I have no image.
Without an image I cannot exist.”


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