Ivan Bernal Palli

Ivan Bernal Palli Photographer

Ivan Bernal Palli has been working with Lith printing since 2010, and also works in cyanotypes. He is a Spanish photographer living in Edinburgh.
Lives: Madrid, Spain.
Shows: Lith prints and cyanotypes.

Ivan Bernal Palli is a Spanish photographer living and working in Madrid. He has been doing traditional wet darkroom photography since 2003 when he studied photography in Barcelona.

Ivan started experimenting with alternative processes in 2010, especially working with the Lith printing process which offers him a wide range of options for interpreting an image. More recently, he has also started exploring the cyanotype process.

An important part of Ivan’s work is the use of vintage cameras, which in his opinion render reality differently than modern equipment.

“I use this combination of old lenses and alternative processes in an attempt to make images that depict a different reality, images that open a little window to some place else where we can escape to with a glimpse.”

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