Egill Ibsen

Egill Ibsen from Reykjavik, Iceland shares his Cyanotypes hand painted with acrylics. He has also written an article on how to hand paint with acrylics.
From: Reykjavik, Iceland.
Shows: Cyanotypes and acrylics.

Egill Ibsen is an Icelandic artist working in both traditional paint on canvases and photography. For his alternative photographic processes he uses both film negatives and digital negatives to create art. When working with Cyanotypes, Egill Ibsen uses acrylics to complete his artwork. He has written an article here on how to use acrylics with Cyanotype.

Egill Ibsen is a self taught artist. He is born in rural west Iceland where life was mainly focused on fishing and hunting and art education was almost nonexistent. He lives in Reykjavik city, in Iceland, today.

Egill Ibsen is an active member of the “Surrealism Now” movement lead my the noted painter Santiago Ribeiro in Portugal. Egill has exhibited numerous times in Portugal and Iceland throughout the years, showcasing Paintings, Traditional Photography and Alternative Photography usually centered on modern surrealism.

“I work with both film and digital photography to capture moments to be transfered onto paper with alternative potography processes.”


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