Penumbra Foundation | Center for Alternative Photography

Workshops at Penumbra Foundation Center for Alternative Photography, also known as CAP.

CAP teaches hands-on, skill-building, demonstrative, and instructional workshops that are designed for the novice to seasoned alternative process photographer.

CAP’s hands-on workshops teach the fundamentals of each process including chemistry mixing and safety, process history and techniques. While most students do leave with work, the main goal of these workshops are to teach participants the necessary and practical steps to practice these processes independently.

CAP’s skill building workshops have been created as a second level in the learning process. These workshops offer hands-on practice under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. The goal of these workshops are to give students the necessary experience needed to advance their skill set.

Demonstration/Instructional workshops are an excellent way to be introduced to a new process of interest while meeting the CAP community. All CAP workshops offer access to our highly skilled staff of contemporary practitioners.

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  1. would like to take a pinhole course/workshop in the very near future. are you going to offering anything like that?

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