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Solo exhibition: “ Yokoyama Sumiko Solo Exhibition_Yasyu Ⅲ / Collecting wild ” | 21st March -1st April 2023 | Gallery Yocto, Tokyo Japan

Cyanotype photograms of the wild plants are on display. The prints were exposed on the site where the plants grow under the sunlight. These plants were the ones that I had felt wild while walking through the streets and parks of Tokyo Japan. Links to event: http://blog.livedoor.jp/galleryyocto/archives/35959873.html https://www.instagram.com/sumikoyokoyama/ Contact: 

Sony exhibition

Photography Exhibition, Sony World Photography Awards 2023 Exhibition, 14 April – 01 May 2023, Somerset House

Kickstarting London’s focal point of photography for the Spring season, the inspiring display showcases exceptional images from the four competitions and the Awards’ additional initiatives set out to embrace photographers worldwide. Exciting additions to this year’s exhibition include an exclusive space dedicated to recent works by Australian photographer Adam Ferguson, who won the 2022 Photographer…

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