Gum over cyanotype photographers

Mordancage by Yaroslav Golubchyk

Yaroslav Golubchyk

Yaroslav Golubchyk is in search of “non-standard” techniques and has been working in alt. proc. for 15 years and shows a range of processes. From: Kyiv, Ukraine. Shows: Chemigrams, Cyanotypes, Gum bichromate, Gum over cyanotypes, Gumoils, Kallitype, Mordancage, Oilprints, and Photoetching. Yaroslav Golubchyk, was born in 1971 in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has been working for more than 15 years in … Read more

Henry Rattle

Henry Rattle

Henry Rattle’s long pursuit of fine black-and-white prints, guided by Fred Picker’s books and newsletters, has been overtaken by the greater freedom, frequent surprises, and uniqueness of handcoated processes. From: South of England, UK. Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Gum bichromates with cyanotypes. Henry Rattle loves the process of printing – and sometimes the outcome too. He is now beginning to … Read more