Anne Storm van Leeuwen

Anne Storm van Leeuwen, a hand papermaker and teacher adds her cyanotypes, some handpainted, some toned, her gum bichromates, vandykes and handcolored Polaroid image transfers. Anne is from Detroit, Michigan, USA.
From: Denver, Colorado, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum over cyanotype, Gum tricolor, Gum over vandyke brown, Hand painted photographs, Polaroid image transfers, Vandykes.

Anne has been a hand papermaker since 1985. During the last several, she has incorporated alternative photography, finding that the two media complement each other. Anne received her BA in Art from UCLA. She trained in Italy under a papermaking master at Fabriano, where Europe’s paper was first made and quality paper for artists is made today.

Additional study includes Instituto Allende (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), Carriage House (Brookline, MA), Taos Paperworks, La Societe Francaise de Photographie (Paris), IAPMA (international papermaking association) workshop on paper and pigments (France), and papermaking workshops (2002, 2008) with Lynn Sures and Roberto Manino at Abbazia dei Spineto, Sarteano, Italy. Anne taught papermaking and photo processes at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center in Birmingham, Michigan. Her work is largely photo processes, many on her hand made paper.

Anne is now living in Denver, Colorado where there is wonderful, strong sunlight.

“There are endless possibilities using alternative photo processes. Very exciting!”

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