Bridget Conn

Bridget Conn is an Assistant Professor of Art from Georgia, USA. She expresses herself in the darkroom with chemigrams.
From: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Shows: Chemigrams

Bridget Conn earned a BFA in Studio Art from Tulane University in 2000, and an MFA from the University of Georgia in 2003, focusing in photography, mixed media and installation. In 2009, Bridget moved to Asheville, NC where she taught at multiple colleges and universities, in addition to working as an arts writer, designer, and independent artist. Her association with the Phil Mechanic Studios Public Darkroom blossomed into the creation of The Asheville Darkroom, a non-profit art educational facility which she founded in 2012 and served as Executive Director and primary instructor through May 2016. Bridget joined the faculty of Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA (now Georgia Southern University) as Assistant Professor of Art in August 2016, focusing on darkroom photography.

“Much like how photography reinvented painting in the mid-19th century, digital has reinvented the darkroom. It may no longer be a technology, but it is now freed to be a place of expression.”


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