Carbon Transfer Printing by Sandy King, Don Nelson, John Lockhart

Carbon Transfer Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Featuring Contemporary Carbon Printers and Their Creative Practice

Carbon Transfer Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Featuring Contemporary Carbon Printers and Their Creative Practice

by Sandy King, Don Nelson and John Lockhart

Reviews the extensive history of carbon transfer and related pigment processes.


The carbon print is a new version of the book “Carbon and carbro” that went out of print some time ago.

  • Advice and tips for beginning printers
  • Complete procedures for single and double transfer
  • Complete guide to supplies and materials manufacture
  • Digital negative guide including Sandy’s custom all gray inkset
  • Approximately 200 pages and 100 images of prints and procedures
  • Detailed troubleshooting guide and supplier reference
  • Guide to color carbon
  • Preview first 3 chapters of the book

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About the book

Together, Sandy King and John Lockhart have produced a single book that covers all aspects of: single and double transfer carbon, materials manufacture, equipment and supplies, digital and analog negatives for carbon printing, color carbon and carbro, and more.

Drawing on their shared experiences printing and teaching carbon, and collaboration with the carbon printing community, The Carbon Print incorporates new methods and techniques, not available in Sandy’s previous publications. Special sections provide guidance for beginning carbon printers. Full color images highlight the work of over a dozen artists and illustrate key working procedures.

The breath and detail of The Carbon Print, makes it a must have for beginning carbon printers as well as experienced printers aiming to explore new and advanced techniques.

About Sandy King

Born and raised in Louisiana, Sandy has lived in South Carolina since the 1970s. He taught in the Department of Languages at Clemson University until 2006, and holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Spanish. During the course of his academic career he published numerous articles and books on the history of photography in Spain, as well as dozens of other articles on the aesthetics and techniques of photography. His most recent publication, with Sam Wang, Christina Anderson and Zhong Jianming, is Handcrafted: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print, published in 2014 by Zhejiang Arts Publishing in Hangzhou, China.

Sandy has been interested in fine art photography for most of his life, with special attention to the natural landscape, both in its pristine state and as impacted by human intervention. He combines contemporary digital techniques with traditional analog printing processes of the 19th century to create hand-crafted prints that reflect his unique vision of reality. The printing process that is used to express this vision, carbon transfer, has distinctive surface and textural qualities not found in photographic prints made with other media. Sandy is widely recognized as one of the contemporary masters of carbon transfer, and has conducted dozens of group and one-on-one workshops and exhibitions in the US, and abroad in Canada, China, Spain, Mexico, and Turkey.

John Lockhart

A native of Texas, and a photographer since childhood, John felt his efforts lacked something essential until he saw a Paul Outerbridge platinum print in an auction catalog and discovered handcrafted printmaking. After working with a few alternative processes, John was drawn to carbon transfer and it has been his focus in recent years.

In his work, John seeks to combine the authenticity and immediacy of documentary and street photography with a painstaking approach to printing each image as a handcrafted artifact. Thus, he strives to create prints that have a sense of idiosyncrasy, serendipity, and unique place and time, combined with a level of craft and technique that place them in a fine art context.

John is also passionate about preserving, evolving, and teaching the craft. Printing for other artists and teaching workshops has been a part of his recent work. In addition to this book, John co-authored with Sandy King a book on the carbon process that will be published in 2017 by Zhejiang Photographic Publishing in China as a part of a series of books on handmade processes.

John holds a degree in philosophy, has worked in the software industry for years, and lives in Austin, TX with his son Ian.

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  1. This long overdue update is most welcome. I wasted no time scoring a copy. If there was a ‘Bible’ on the Carbon Transfer Process and all it’s mutations, this is it. Thank you.

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