Bostick & Sullivan Inc

Bostick & Sullivan Inc sells chemicals for platinum and palladium and other processes, bromoil paper and brushes, ready made cyanotype kits. Also some reprints of out of print books.

PO Box 16639, Santa Fe, NM 87506-6639, USA
Phone: +1 505 474 0890
Email: richsul (at)
Ship: Locally

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  1. hi I met sandy at the large formate Ct for 3 days Ive made 300 prints but do not think I can teach I have a small gallery in my house 150 years of printing from platinum,carbon.paperneg print. silver, type C color to now inkjet printing.I cant get around like I use to with my 8×10 so canon gave me a 50D and all I need to use and now I make my own negs on transparency material having fun thanks to Bostick and sullivan

  2. Please let me know of any classes offered on the Carbon Process. I had hoped to take one of Sandy King’s intensive 3-5 day courses but if there is anyone else, that is as knowable, I would be interested.


  3. hi just wanted to thank the young lady on the phone for sending me the green tissue for carbon printing I made 3 prints and for florida flat lands all green it is beautiful I would send them to you if you would like and may be you can tell me how I can do better Im not sure about exposure so one was for 3.5 min 4. min and 5.mins

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