The Analogue Laboratory, Australia. Ship globally

Cyanotype chemicals and kits. Printing Frames. Ship globally.


Hand-made contact printing frames in standard sizes for 8×10″/A4 paper or 11×14″ paper. Custom sizes available by request.

Our contact printing frames are made in-house from recycled timbers at our studio in Adelaide, Australia, to a design we modelled on several original contact frames from the early 1900’s.

The contact frames are rigid with hand-made steel springs for appropriate pressure. They are extremely easy to use and have been rigorously tested by us and our many workshop participants. As you would expect each frame has a split back so you can check your exposure without disturbing the negative registration. They are suitable to use with film or glass negatives.

Cyanotype chemicals and kits

A variety of supplies.


Address: Adelaide, South Australia

Phone: 0408 377 017 (Aurelia Carbone) / 0405 092 592 (Alex Bishop-Thorpe)
Ship: Locally to Australia and New Zealand

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