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Algae, blue (Spirulina maxima) anthotype by Dennis Humphrey

“Hope for Life” by Dennis Humphrey
Country: Canada
Parts used: Powder
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 4 days in bright sunlight
Months, season and year: June, summer, 2022
Substrate: Hannemühle Platinum Rag, 300 gsm (cotton rag)
Rating of emulsion: ** (Good)

Anthtoype by Dennis Humprey
Algae powder used for anthtoypesAmount: 3 tbsp powder/ 500 mL water + 30 mL vodka
Extracted using: n/a
Thinner: Distilled water + Vodka
Layers: 2
Used to create image: Laser printed OHP positive of a bursting seed pod x2

Challenges or observations:
Spirulina is a rich blue-green powder. For me, the colour green is linked to growth and renewal; light blue evokes peacefulness. The bursting seed pod also gives us hope for renewed life and peace.
I prepared too much emulsion; also, it was lumpy and smelly. The anthotype print could probably have been exposed for another day or so.

Instagram: @dennishum
Web: https://linktr.ee/dennishumphrey

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