Dennis Humphrey

Portrait of Dennis Humphrey Cyanotype photographer

Dennis Humphrey is an interdisciplinary artist using digital photography, alternative photography (cyanotype and gum bichromate) as well as contemporary mixed media processes, mostly on paper. He shares his cyanotypes here.
From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Dennis Humphrey is an interdisciplinary artist using digital photography, cyanotype and contemporary mixed media processes on paper.
A collector of images, an assembler and arranger of mediums and materials, he mixes and connects them. Also interested in writing poetry and making books, he has written and illustrated, designed and printed, editioned handmade, and print-on-demand, books that feature his art and poetry.

His work is experiential, based on sensory experiences. It explores the interplay of light and darkness, colours, translucency and textures through images of faces, hands, bodies, bark and leaves. He strives to evoke notions of time, aging, identity, memory, sensuality, decay, mortality, renewal and transformation.

Throughout his 43 year full-time professional career in Education,  he was a teacher, instructional designer and manager. Now retired, he has the opportunity to further his art practice using his preferred mediums and processes, and to pursue his ongoing passion for Japanese aesthetics.

“I strive to render the real of the unreal and the subtleties of liminal worlds.”

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