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Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) anthotype by Robyn Nielsen

“I Hope This Works…” by Robyn Nielsen
Country: Australia
Parts used: Juice from tin
Application: Sponge brush
Exposure time: 4.5 hours under 100w UV light (placed 12 cm from the light source)
Month, season and year: August, winter 2022 – but I used a UV light
Substrate: Eraldo Di Paolo Watercolour paper (100% cotton, rough, 300 gsm)
Contrast of final print: ** (Medium) (this is my first one so I can’t really compare it to anything, although the subject came up really clear, so it must be good)

Beetroot, in tin from supermarket, Beta vulgaris anthotype by Robyn NielsenBeetroot, in tin from supermarket, Beta vulgaris for making anthotypesAmount: Maybe a tablespoon, I just poured some into a container from the tin
Extracted using: I didn’t do anything, but it came from a tin from the supermarket, so I gather it is cooked (unsure).
Thinner: My sister’s favourite vodka was sampled (only a couple of mL). The ingredients of the beetroot tin: [beetroot (60%), water, sugar, food acid (acetic acid), salt]
Layers: 4
Used to create image: Rough Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum hispidulum) leaves and stem

Challenges or observations: This was my first beetroot anthotype (I have done only 2 other anthotypes previously using Turmeric), and it was very easy. It was just very messy and I had to be careful to cover everything with newspaper. I dried it in the laundry and it was getting late on the 4th coat and not drying that well, so I used a hairdryer, which worked well. I didn’t expose it until the next day, so I kept it in a book and wrapped newspaper around the book to keep the light out. I didn’t want to chase the winter sun the next day, so I used my UV light. There is a slight shadow effect because the paper was placed so close to the UV light (so there was less light on the edges).

Instagram: @keet.creates

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