Barbara J. Dombach

“Unpredictable” is only one fundamental element that Barbara J. Dombach, a photographic artist based in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, loves about the use of labor-intensive historic and alternative photographic processes.
From: Pennsylvania, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Dry plates, Infrareds, Hand painted photographs, Lumen prints, Pinholes, Platinum and palladiums, Polaroid SX-70s, Polaroid image transfers, Wet plate collodions.

The lure of the alternative photographic processes, for Barbara, seemed to be predestined to happen.

As a young artist she worked with other art mediums, always feeling the need to have a personal relationship with her art. Those art forms were abandoned 30 years ago when into her hands was placed an old 35 mm camera.

Her small images echo a foregoing sentiment of an object or landscape and have been described as simplistic beauty, jewel-like and mysterious.

Barbara recently self-published her first book titled, “Collective Sojourn” a 7″ X 7″ 80 page full-color, perfect bound edition containing 75 images. Each method section has a brief explanation of the technique she uses followed by numerous images exemplifying that process. Endnotes listing additional sources and suppliers are also included.

Barbara’s images hang in private and public galleries and has received numerous awards. She has completed eight solo exhibits and participated in over 60 group shows. Memberships include, the Society for Photographic Education, F295 & Alternative and many local art associations.

“Every image produced bears a humanistic mark from the artist, individualizing each, nurtured by vision and truly orchestrated by the artist’s hand.”


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