Lois M. Kruse

Working from a ranch in South Dakota, USA, Lois M. Kruse also fits in photography into her life. She shows her hand painted infrared photographs, Polaroid SX-70s and Lith prints.
From: South Dakota, USA.
Shows: Handpainted Infrared photographs, Polaroid, Lith prints.

Lois M. Kruse is a fine art photographer spending her time between Co and KS. She grew up on a ranch in the plains of South Dakota. After graduating with an Art Degree from Sterling College in KS she discovered the photography medium. With the help of supportive and challenging professors and friends she continues to work exploring the vast world of photography.

“The magic of the darkroom is intoxicating. I love to produce a photo that makes you want to take a second look.”


  • Email: krusephoto (at) gmail.com

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