They did the impossible!

Writer / Nancy Breslin

The Impossible Project releases a Polaroid film!

Many of us have been following The Impossible Project. About a year and a half ago some Polaroid fans leased a closed instant film plant in Enschede (Netherlands), after Polaroid had first announced bankruptcy and then stopped making their much loved products. Named “The Impossible Project,” this group had the seemingly quixotic goal of reformulating and manufacturing instant film.

This past week, they announced that their first product, called PX-100, is available. This is a black and white film that can be used in SX-70 cameras, and can be purchased at (although when I checked today they were out of stock). It is not inexpensive ($21/18 euros for 8 prints) and the website has sample images and troubleshooting information.

TIP expects to bring out a similar color product this summer, and they have also purchased equipment for making 8×10 sheet film. While initially tackling the integral films, when they have this working well they will take on the challenge of 8×10 peel-apart.

I must say that I thought the idea was a bit nutty when I first read about it, but now I must congratulate TIP. Well done!

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