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Ray Spence from The Royal Photographic Society Journal reviews From pinhole to print.

Writer / Ray Spence, FRPS, The Royal Photographic Society Journal

Pinhole photography is probably one of the purest and most creative photographic processes. The magic of creating an image from a simple cardboard box or other throwaway item can be truly inspirational. For those embedded in the complexities of new technology, pinhole photography can be liberating – it is akin to getting back to nature.

This slim guide provides a clear and direct instruction in the workings and techniques of the art of the pinholer. It is clearly written and simply illustrated, ideal for students and accomplished photographers alike. From a brief introduction and history of the process, through to technical issues, and finally ending with inspirational examples of the art, the guide encompasses all aspects for the newcomer to pinhole photography. If further information and inspiration is needed, a small listing is also included.

The guide instructs, in a very clear and concise way, on the construction of a pinhole camera and the technical issues considered. There is a brief account of different materials and their uses, followed by a simple description of processing techniques.

Illustrations are confined to black and white, though reference is made to the use of colour materials. It would have been interesting to see colour examples, but would probably have added to the cost of the guide, and these can be referenced by a little web research by the reader. Such a slim volume can only provide and introduction, so it is inevitable that some omissions have to be made. It would for example, have been useful to see reference to the adaption of digital cameras for use in pinhole work.

All in all, this in an excellent little manual for those just starting on the journey to a wonderfully creative medium.

This review was published in The Royal Photographic Society Journal, November 2009, Volume 149, Number 9.

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From pinhole to print – Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour by Malin Fabbri Gary Fabbri and Peter Wiklund

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