The sizing survey – take part

What is the best source of information on how to size papers and substrates if not photographers working actively with alternative photographic processes? By taking a short minute and answering a few questions you can share your own valuable experience of how you size paper and substrates. The answers will be published here. Go ahead!

Please answer the following questions, or add any information you would like to share:
-Which papers do you feel need sizing?
-Which sizing formula do you use?
-Which process do you use this sized paper for?
-Which processed do you feel work better without sizing?

The reply could look something like:
-I use Archers paper with an arrowroot size for the Vandyke process
-I find that Knox sizing is good for any paper when doing Image transfers
-I size glass and metal using gelatin and hardner. I work with liquid emulsions.
Please also state if you do NOT want us to credit you with the information, otherwise your name will be added at the end.

Please email us and type “Survey” in the subject!

Good luck with sizing!

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