Thank you all for 2021 and happy new year!

Happy new year!

Thank you for yet another wonderful year full of inspiration and hope!

First, we would like to thank all of you who are Supporting Members of! Your contribution keeps us running.

“Thanks to our Supporting members we keep going! We are very grateful to you!”

We would also like to thank all the artists that are the heart of the community and have posted work in our gallery and keeping the gallery truly inspiring. Over 20 new artists have joined our galleries this year. Amazing work both new and previous members!

Thank you to all the teachers and contributors who have written articles this year, for sharing with the community, at least one new how-to article has been added each month!

This year was the second year we supported World Cyanotype Day, so thank you to the 427 artists who took part!

We would like to thank everyone for sharing information and keeping the conversation going in our Facebook group (that has over 38 000 members!) and an extra thank you to the wonderful moderators that keep the group spam-free! And our Facebook page (10 000 followers!)

Thank you to all our Instagram followers too, now over 5000 followers!

To all of you: Have a wonderful 2022!

Hopefully, 2022 will bring us just as many interesting artists, how-to articles and interesting discussions! Happy new year to you all!

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