Direct silver mirroring with bronzing effect and mackie line by Recipe 1

Alternative silver mirroring toning

Lexy Xiao finds alternative ways to do the silver mirroring toning without the commercial toners which are mostly discontinued today. She shares her recipes and process here. Writer and photography / Lexy Liangzi Xiao | 肖靓子 WARNING: This is for experienced and advanced users only. Read the safety sheets before attempting to use chemicals and use the correct safety equipment. Hazardous chemicals are used. A little knowledge about silver mirroring … Read more

Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman is known by many for his work with Lith prints. Apart from substantial work with the process he is also the author of several books. From: UK. Shows: Lithprint. Tim Rudman is a fine art photographer and printer who works in silver gelatine based printing processes and although he loves ‘pure’ black and white printing he has become more known for his pioneering work in Lith printing – … Read more

Lith print by Tim Rudman

Lithprint materials update

This article should be read in conjunction with the introduction to the Lith Printing process. It is based on 2 parts of a 5 part Lith printing series that I wrote earlier this year (2004) for ‘Black & White Photography’.