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Duotone cyanotypes #3 – Make negatives using GIMP

Part 3 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype is a detailed guide for creating cyanotype negatives using Gimp software. It covers steps for flipping images, adjusting colors, adding registration marks, separating images into color components, applying curves, and exporting negatives for cyanotype printing. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Lets start with a picture we want to use based on the previous step Duotone cyanotypes #2 – Pick your subject. … Read more

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Duotone cyanotypes #2 – Pick your subject

Part 2 in Matthew Bary’s series Duotone cyanotype about choosing subjects for cyanotype printing and considering the limitations of the duotone cyanotype process. With two-layer cyanotypes, color options are restricted, favoring black, white, brown, red, or blue hues. Writer and photography / Matthew Bary Following on from Duotone cyanotypes #1 – Many failed attempts, the first thing to note for the duotone cyanotype process is that only using two layers … Read more

Duotone cyanotypes #1 – Many failed attempts

Matthew Bary started his toning journey here with Creating multi-coloured cyanotype prints and Multi colored cyanotypes. He has since worked out his method of toning cyanotypes and shares it here in this 7-part series. Get ready to dive in! Writer and photography / Matthew Bary A few years ago I (Matthew Bary) found an article on Multi colored cyanotypes  from 2010 on making multi-layer cyanotypes. At the time I thought … Read more