3 tools to get things done: Journal, calendar and planner

3 tools to get things done

People often ask me “How do you get so much done?”. My answer is planning. I share my method of planning, and hopefully, it will answer the question and inspire you to get closer to your goals and dreams. Writer / Malin Fabbri This may be a little off-topic, but I get the question “How do you get so much done?” by you guys so frequently, I thought it is … Read more

12 beautiful cyanotypes illustrate the calendar.

Anna Atkins tribute calendar

Our Anna Atkins tribute calendar featuring 12 beautiful cyanotypes in honour of Anna Atkins. 90+ artists sent in cyanotypes and 12 were selected to feature in our calendar to brighten your wall.   Anna Atkins tribute calendar – works for any year Buy on Lulu – ships everywhere Rated 5/5 “Unbelievable creativity and excellence. 12 fabulous cyanotypes.” Undated (“un-yeared” is a better word, has dates, but not year), works for … Read more

Anna Atkins created labels with the specimen's scientific name at the bottom of the page.

How to print an Anna Atkins cyanotype

Apart from being a brilliant scientist and botanist, Anna Atkins was also an artist. She created numerous prints from plants, lace and feather arrangements. This is how you can print your own cyanotypes in Anna Atkins’ style. We have done research, but not managed to find out a lot on paper or oils used, so if you possess ANY knowledge at all in terms of which paper or oil was … Read more

Advent calendar for AlternativePhotography.com door 24

Advent calendar 2021

This is the first year we make an advent calendar. The idea came to us when we received a gift. What that gift was you will find out on the 24th, when the gift will also be yours. We really hope you enjoyed this calendar – we enjoyed creating it! We also hope you appreciate our efforts with inspiring to pick up alt. proc. help people learn and connect in … Read more