Anna Atkins tribute calendar – available now!

After our very successful event with 90+ artists sending in cyanotypes to honour Anna Atkins (if you are looking for the journal it’s here)

–> Order your copy of the Anna Atkins tribute calendar here

Good news #1:
Anna Atkins tribute calendarWe have selected the winners of our Anna Atkins tribute event. The jury had a really tough time selecting ONLY 12 cyanotypes since there were 90+ entries and many many were very good. The 12 artists that will be featured in the calendar are:

  • Julie Ryder
  • Gery Oth
  • Sonja Schaeffeler
  • Mihály Novák
  • Tafi Brown
  • Marion Sidebottom
  • Pernille Andersen
  • Ralph Rinke
  • Bonnie O App
  • Oda Larsen
  • Pedro Leal
  • Bridget Arnold
Anna Atkins tribute calendar 2024 starting Monday
Example of the inside: January spread by Julie Ryder.

Good news #2:
The calendar is ready! There are two versions available, one with the week starting on Sunday and one on a Monday (in Europe the week starts on a Monday and in America, the week starts on a Sunday). Get your copy of the calendar here.

Good news #3:
There were so many great entries for the Anna Atkins tribute event, and we want to give as many artists as possible exposure, so we are planning on creating a yearly journal as well. It will take some time for us to design and organise this, but we will let you know when it’s ready here on the website, but if you want to be notified, you can also sign up to our newsletter.

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