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Stig Marlon Weston photographer

Stig Marlon Weston, a photographer from Oslo, Norway, has over 25 years of experience in analog photography, emphasizing alternative processes to explore the connection between subject and image. His work, showcased internationally, focuses on landscape photography and experimental techniques. Weston also manages CYAN studio and initiated the Nordic Analog Network.
From: Oslo, Norway
Shows: Chemigrams, Lumen prints and Silver gelatin Photograms

Stig Marlon Weston studied professional photography right before digital techniques entered the school curriculum. Slowly transitioning from professional to artistic photography as everything turned digital he has worked with analog materials for more than 25 years. Exploring the medium´s close connection between the subject and image he uses alternative processes to underscore this link in all his work.
Starting out working with photograms he wanted to move his photography out of the darkroom and into the world finding ways to make his prints outside, ending up also developing methods of lumentprinting and chemigrams on his own. 

His long term projects have focused on landscape photography and how to use alternative processes to embody different worldviews in ways that can make the viewer look closer at their own interpretation of what they see around them.

His work has been exhibited widely in both national and international photofestivals and galleries and his prints are in the collection of the Norwegian National museum of photography. In 2023 he published the photo book “More somehow” as the result of a long term collaboration with US photographer Meggan Gould, where they had been making double exposures looking at the synchronicity of their study of the photographic process.

Weston runs the community photo workspace CYAN studio in Oslo, Norway, offering affordable studio space, professional analog darkroom and photo gallery space to all local photographers. He also initiated the Nordic Analog Network that has helped connect Nordic community darkrooms through an artist residency exchange program. He regularly does workshops and talks at festivals and elsewhere.

“By using experimental processes I make photographs that can show me the world seen from a different vantage point then my own. This lends the picture an independent truth the viewer can learn from.”

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