Composite calendar – alternative processes

Our Composite calendar features 12 beautiful images in alternative processes. There are 2 versions available wide or tall with various shipping options. Wide format coming soon!

  Composite calendar – 2025 – TALL format

Calendar Composites 2025 tall January

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“I am awstruck by the creativity of the images!”

Composites calendar Tall format
Cover of the 2025 years calendar
Two versions are available, week starting Monday and week starting Sunday.
Two versions are available, week starting Monday (above top) and week starting Sunday (above). Both are illustrated with the same 12 images.
We are printing the calendar both with Lulu and also on Etsy, to make it available in as many countries as possible and also enable local printing and delivery, which is good both for the environment and your wallet. Any profits from sales go towards running this website and promoting alternative photographic processes.

The artists included in the calendar

  • Aindreas Scholz, UK. The Most Beautiful Anthropocene # 01.
  • Alessandro Jazeolla, Italy. A season in Rome.
  • David Aimone, USA. Five Trees, Sao Miguel.
  • Eva Botofte, Denmark. Vertical City.
  • Gery Oth and Reiny Rizzy, Luxemburg, Taking Roots.
  • Helene Barrette, Canada. Daisies.
  • Jane Linders, USA. Observer.
  • Jude Kaye, USA. Complex Dahlia Mirrors Tiffany Dome.
  • Laurinda Bellew, UK. First Light.
  • Margrieta Jeltema, Italy. Snowflakes.
  • Paige Billin-Frye, USA. Takamaa.
  • Susan Chainey, USA. Packin’ My Blues.

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