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Logo spiral photoSpiral Phot supplies handmade 4×5 wooden pinhole cameras, and contact printing frames.

  • High quality 4×5 wooden pinhole cameras, realized in walnut and boxwood for the shutter.
  • Pinholes for customers DIY projects in several sizes. I use a special laser-drilling method that makes them almost perfect for image definition.
  • Handmade ashwood/chestnut contact printing frames.
Address: SPIRAL PHOT, 1 rue Hache, 38000 Grenoble – FRANCE

Email: contact (at) spiralcamera.com
Website: Spiralcamera.com
Ship: Worldwide shipping, E-shop only



Build you own pinhole camera
From pinhole to print – Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour by Malin Fabbri Gary Fabbri and Peter Wiklund

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