Richard Kynast

Richard Kynast from New Mexico makes nature prints from the Arizona desert and other places in platinum. Take a look.
From: Farmington, New Mexico, USA.
Shows: Platinum prints, palladiums and cyanotypes.

Growing up in the Arizona-Sonora desert teaches you many things, a respect for how nature takes care of itself, along with a realization of the frailty, as well as resiliency, of life. Richard Kynast’s landscapes are an attempt to reflect those messages and his studio work is marked by its simplicity.

Among the last to switch from film, in 2009 Richard Kynast started building prints that crossed an 1870’s platinum process with modern digital technology as a means of expression. Never satisfied with his results, his work is continually changing as it continues to evolve.

“I continue my photography because I have been told “your photographs give me peace”.”


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