The Pocket Paper Engineer, volume 1

How to Make Pop-Ups Step-by-Step

Carol Barton

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Read an excerpt from the book on how to make cyanotype pop-ups


When Carol’s book arrived I was surprised at the construction of the book itself. It really does justice to it’s name the Paper Engineer. The book is full of pop-ups and fold-outs and really makes you want to sit down and design a card right away. After a few attempts my cards were good enough to be sent out as Christmas cards, thanks to Carol’s very detailed instructions. A very creative craft and a lot of fun.


“Thrilled with everything!!! i brought the book to show my students (at parsons and icp) they all loved it – one student borrowed it to help her with a project. i can not wait to try some of these ideas out myself.”

– Jill Enfield

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