Olivia Singleton

Portrait of photographer Olivia Singleton

Olivia Singleton graduated and learned a practice spanning from digital to alternative photographic processes. She explores “dreamy” cyanotypes.
From: London, United Kingdom.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Olivia Singleton is a recent graduate of the Photography BA at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, UK. Her practice spans from alternative, analogue photographic processes to digital manipulation. At the heart of these images is an exploration into the ways in which spaces – public and private – are lived in and interacted with. This involves drawing out the perimeters of space to then question the reality of it, as well as the individual’s experience of it. This is done through virtual spaces, moving images or flat images. The use of found images means that Singleton becomes a voyeur to space and time that is unfamiliar to both her. It is also unfamiliar to the viewer, therefore it can seem illusionary or unreal. Singleton often explores the theme of ‘dreams’, seeing them as their own virtual reality, one that is lived out in with a sense of familiarity, yet the scenes are essentially unknown and the characters faceless, as we fabricate them in our subconscious.

“I do not know if I was once here dreaming I was there, or if I am now there, dreaming I am here.”

More about Olivia Singleton:

  • Contact email: osingleton97 (at) gmail.com
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