Olive Dean

Olive Dean, a painter from Edinburgh, Scotland gets inspired by nature and makes lumens, pinholes and cyanotypes.
From: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Pinholes and Lumen prints.

Olive Dean originally trained in painting at Edinburgh college of Art, graduating BA (hons) 1989. Various jobs followed on, tutoring children’s and adult classes, etc, all interspersed with non-art related activities in order to earn one’s living! Has exhibited  mainly in Scotland (painting) and now hopes to extend her repertoire by showing alternative photographic work. Member of Edinburgh’s thriving Lo-Fi group. Work can also be seen on  flickr under “lumenous2012”.

“My work is inspired by nature in all its forms, including my tiny garden which supplies plant material for my lumens and cyanotypes. The “grande vista” as such is not primarily my aim but I would never preclude an interesting landscape or seascape; subject matter should always be open to change from the artist’s point of view. I am looking forward to the spring and summer to start a new body of work; the Scottish winters are so cold and damp with  little sun. My next project is to be the mysteries of pinhole photography.”


  • Email: olivedean (at) outlook.com
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