New design!

We made it easy!

Want to improve your negatives?
Learn to build a UV lightbox?

We spent the summer re-designing
So it works BETTER on both desktop and mobile
And moving it to FASTER servers, so you don’t have to wait for things to load.

We also made it…

Easier to find NEGATIVES
Easier to find negatives

Easier to find...

…UV light boxes


Easeri to find paper

Easier to find interesting interviews

on photographers and artists (that is you!)
Easier to find photographers


Easier to connect
Easier to connect

See something funny? Help us out!

We’re 99% there, but there may be some bugs or odd-looking stuff. If you see some please:
– Email
– include the URL (a www link)
– A description or a screenshot

We’ve been hard at work day and night and would really appreciate a pat on the back. If you see anything you like, please comment and let us know!

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Thank you!

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