Neil Souch

Neil Souch gets his inspiration from his home area and the dramatic landscape of Devon and Cornwall in the UK. He works in several processes: Lith Printing, Lumens, Cyanotypes, Van Dykes, Gum Printing, Pinholes and Photograms.
From: West Cornwall, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum bichromated, Lith prints, Lumen prints, Photographs, Pinholes and Vandykes.

Much of Neil’s work is inspired by the beauty of the dramatic landscape of Devon and Cornwall, UK, where he has been fortunate to live for over 40 years. Whether he is making images in the landscape or at home doing still life Neil’s aim is to create images which are visually stimulating and often overlooked. Now retired Neil is able to devote more time to alternative photography. He is finding it stimulating learning new ways of making images as well as the challenge of finding suitable subjects for the processes involved.


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