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Mitch Eckert photographer

Mitch Eckert pairs his photographic equipment, process and materials with the concept and express it though kallitypes.
From: Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Shows: Kallitypes.

Mitch Eckert has been an artist since primary school but didn’t take up photography until high school. A bb gun accident left him blind in one eye and so photography made perfect sense – one eye and one lens. Seems to be a perfect fit.

Mitch Eckert is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been included in a variety of publications from textbooks to journals.
After receiving his B.F.A. in photography and sculpture from Indiana University he went on to earn an M.F.A. from Ohio University focusing on photography and printmaking. His technical knowledge of photography is well rooted in the mediums rich historic processes including his masterful works in kallitype. For Mitch the choice of photographic equipment, process and materials need to have a good marriage with concept and content. His exploration in the genre of still life has been ongoing for more than 25 years. Other projects revolve around cabinets of curiosities, botanic and formal gardens as well as natural history museums. His work is held in the collections of 21c. Museum, Butler Institute of American Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Mitch Eckert currently lives and works in Louisville Kentucky where he is an Associate Professor of Art teaching all things photographic. 

“There are many choices as an artist working in photography. One must make decisions regarding equipment, technique, and processes. The most important thing for me is to ensure there is a solid marriage between concept and process.”

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