Lars Göran Yeudakimchikov-Malmquist

Lars Göran Yeudakimchikov-Malmquist from Sweden works in different photogravure methods.
From: Strängnäs, Sweden.
Shows: Copper photogravure, gum bichromates and photopolymers.

Lars Göran Yeudakimchikov-Malmquist lives in the small town Strängnäs near Stockholm, in Sweden. He works in Grafikens Husas an artist with responsibility for the printmaking studio.

Lars Göran started out as a photoartist and got in contact with the alternative photo thru Biskops Arnö andLasse Mellberg. Lars Göran likes to paint with light and with people as a main subject.

”I try to find a feeling in my pictures and the technic should never take over it shall only be a tool to reach the feeling. With the alternative photo methods you can use more alternatives to get a creative result.”

Over the years Lars Göran has had a lot of exhibitions. The last years mostly in Europe in Germany, Baltic States, Russia and Bealarus.


  • Email: lg.malmquist (at)

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