Kimberly Halyburton Fuster

Kimberly Halyburton Fuster photographer

Kimberly Halyburton Fuster is a visual artist and workshop teacher from Chile, she uses organic shapes in her anthotypes, chlorophyll prints and cyanotypes.
From: Valparaíso, Chile.
Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophyll prints and Cyanotypes.

Kimberly Halyburton Fuster (1990) is a visual artist from Valparaíso, Chile. She has a Master’s degree in photographic research and creation.

In Kimberly’s first forays into photography, she experimented with the camera obscura and learned about artisan photographic emulsions. These initial forays later lead her to experiment with natural emulsions applied to organic substrates. She practices Chlorophyll development, Cyanotype and Antotypes and gives specialized workshops.

“My creations are mainly born from nature, my interest in artisanal and experimental photography has led me to create visually subtle works that represent certain rooted problems in our current way of life.”

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