John Esco

John Esco

John Esco – Also called Ionuț Sinescu is a Romanian living in the UK. He has a passion for shooting medium format and is experimenting with different processes such as cyanotypes.
From: Milton Keynes, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Kallitypes.

Ionut Sinescu (aka John Esco) is a Romanian living in the UK since 2014.

John has always been fascinated by the concept of imaging, irrespective of medium, technique or purpose. Through his teen years and then later, in adulthood, he experimented with various techniques and applications such as sketching, painting and drawing. Since discovering photography – starting with digital photography – about 14 years ago, he has “completely and hopelessly fallen in love with it”, continually looking to capture the fabric of life through his lens.

Moving to the UK was a big change, there he discovered, among many amazing places and people, the beauty of shooting film. Especially black & white film and especially medium format 6×6 which has always been his favourite. What seemed like just a dream back in Romania become a reality in the UK. John started to try different types of film and developing techniques, which, lead him to try analog printing.

John Esco plans to – as soon as he can afford it – to build a small darkroom and start to learn and develop his skills in both classical darkroom and alternative printing processes – currently, he is working in cyanotypes.

“Producing real prints from my negatives using chemicals is something which gives me so much joy and satisfaction.”

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