Jellyfishphoto you can send a digital photograph and you will get an A4 or A3 transfer sheet back, that you can convert into a image transfer.

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Like many photographers, amateurs and professionals, we enjoyed making emulsion transfers with Polaroid material. The end of the company and the limits of the product -specific cameras, high price, quality and reduced durability and over all, exhibition possibilities very limited due to its small size,  pushed us to seek other ways to get emulsion transfers.

After years trying various systems, we have  shape a process that allows the emulsion transfer  of digital images  in a really way simple and A4  and A3 size.

The simplicity of the process-only water- the substantially greater size and low cost of this product makes it possible for anyone to think on projects never before possible.

Those who are interested in emulsion transfer they will specially enjoy this technique. It´s really easy. You have no need any previous experience.

This technique is suitable for a people who is interested  in the art of transfering emulsion. It´s really easy. You have no need any previous experience.

  1. Choose and edit as usually your digital photo.
  2. Send it to through its page.
  3. After few days, you will get at home a print ready to the transfer process.
  4. Fill the half of a tray with cool water and introduce on it the media where you want transfer the emulsion.
  5. Introduce the print into the water and wait for some minutes. The emulsión will start lifting off. You can help peeling the emulsión gently with your fingers starting by a corner.
  6. When all the emulsion lifts off, take out the plastic sheet and try distribute  the emulsion  -it looks like a jellyfish- as you like over the used media (paper is the easier).
  7. Take out the trasnference and let it drying over a plain surface. That is all. You will have a A4 and A3 size emulsion transfer.

You can see the process here:

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  1. I wonder if jellyfish photo is out of business? the link doesn’t take you to their website anymore……

  2. I’ve been trying to reach to send images to for weeks and the link doesn’t work. Does anyone know if they are still in business, or where else I can get my work printed in a way that allows me to do large emulsion transfers shown in this video?

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