Happy new year! (2017 in review)

A big thank you to all contributors to AlternativePhotography.com during 2017!

Thank you!During the year a lot of things happened, and many because of you!

  1. A big design change. The entire website was re-built with a new look. Phew…
  2. Over 150 artists have shared their work in the galleries:
  3. Over 20 new “how to” articles have been written by sharing and caring contributors.
  4. Our Facebook group has been throroughly moderated by Spiffy Tumbleweed, Crystal Denke Edwards, Silvino González Morales, Francis Schanberger, Jalo Porkkala, John Brewer, Matt Cyanotype Shapoff and Arlene Elizabeth Graves. It’s is not a small task! Without them the group would not exist. A big thank you.
  5. A big thank you to all of you who have a Supporting Membership, it really really helps to keep the site running.

A big thank you and hope that you will keep on contributing with inspiring work, how-to articles and memberships in 2018! We are very grateful.

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