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Geranium, “Elegance Burgundy” (Pelargonium x domesticum) anthotype by Jesseca Ferguson

“Purple Moon” by Jesseca Ferguson
Country: USA
Parts used: Petals (fresh, have also used frozen petals)
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: Multiple days (through the window when rainy; on roof deck when sunny); “develop by inspection”
Month, season, and year: July, summer, 2022
Substrate: Watercolour paper (Lanaquarelle, hot pressed, 300 gsm or 140 lbs)
Contrast of final print: ** (Medium)

Geranium, “Elegance Burgundy” (Pelargonium x domesticum) for making anthotypesGeranium, “Elegance Burgundy” (Pelargonium x domesticum) anthotype by Jesseca FergusonAmount: Approximately 1 cup (by volume)
Extracted using: Immersion blender
Thinner: Distilled water, alcohol
Layers: 2
Used to create image: Laser-printed positive on acetate

Challenges or observations:
These geranium petals work very well whether freshly picked, after a few days in the refrigerator, or after being frozen for a few weeks. I like these geranium petals so much that I am rooting cuttings from the original plant to grow more! The blooming season was short but prolific.

Instagram: @jessecaferguson

Additional information:
I generally mix a batch of emulsion and try to use it all while it is fresh. If need be, I store it in the fridge if unable to coat enough paper to use it up. Best to use it immediately, but the fridge is a good backup for a few days.
I have frozen the petals; they work well) but have not (yet!) frozen the prepared emulsion itself for later use.

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