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Forrest Zerbe photographer

Forrest Zerbe is a photography graduate, artists, educator and adventurer who uses the Mordançage process as an expression of his art.
From: Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.
Shows: Mordancage.

As a child, adventure was Forrest Zerbe’s first priority. Days were spent in the woods near his family home in western Pennsylvania where he used his imagination and creativity to construct a world of adventure. Forrest’s college years were spent traveling the country looking to quench that thirst for adventure. He spent time at many different Universities studying many different things. 

Creating with his hands had always made Forrest Zerbe feel grounded and gave him a sense of calm. For this reason, he happened upon Art School, Herron School of Art and Design. Herron opened up the idea that maybe he could make art into not only his passion but also his profession.  

Herron led to Forrest being accepted into graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD was the type of place where creativity thrived and was supported by the faculty and administration.  

Forrest Zerbe completed his MFA degree in Photography in 2003 and is currently an award-winning artist, educator and adventurer living in Grand Junction, Colorado.

“Photography is simply drawing with light.”

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