Discount in our Etsy store

There is an offer in our Etsy store until Wednesday – 10 USD off orders of 40 USD or more if you are in the USA, Canada, UK or Germany, using the code “YES10”.

We are sorry we can’t offer you a permanent discount on the products. After charges and marketing, we are sometimes only making a tiny profit, sometimes we just break even and sometimes – depending on where you order from – even a loss.
(The aim of our Etsy store is to promote artists and spread the knowledge of alt. proc., – never to make money – so we’re perfectly fine with breaking even!).

Etsy now has an offer until Wednesday, October 11th and ends at 11:59 pm ET. when customers order items for 40 USD or more they give the customer a 10 USD discount that they will pay, so we thought we’d pass on this discount to you, giving you a chance to stock up on t-shirts, calendars, cards, mugs or aprons – the discount is valid for all items.

To get the discount you have to be in the USA, UK, Canada or Germany. You go here:
and you use the code “YES10”

The offer is valid on ANY product, so if you want to stock up on calendars, cards, mugs, t-shirts or aprons for Xmas, birthdays or just for yourself, go ahead. 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions.


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